About The Rabid Whole

Well before the recent Financial Crisis and Market Meltdown, I spent almost 5 years on Wall Street as a full-service, 100%-commission registered representative a.k.a stock broker. I have worked in the back offices, as opposed to the front offices, of some of the most (formerly) prestigious banking institutions in the world.

I was born, raised, and currently reside in New York City, the toughest, meanest, fastest, most expensive, most dynamic, living, breathing manifestation of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

“Only the strong survive…Survival of the Fittest” – Mobb Deep

Though it may sound callous and a bit narcissistic, I have always moved throughout my life with a sincere belief that the average person out there is an absolute moron. To clarify exactly what type of person falls in that group, I would classify it as anyone satisfied with information as it is presented to them, especially from television, the Internet, and certainly from a single individual. It’s anyone without a general thirst for knowledge – or at least a desire for the knowledge of true Facts – that readily accepts as fact what can easily be proven as pure and utter fiction. It is anyone that subscribes to and those that opprobriously perpetuate the type of skewed “Washington Consensus“-based Groupthink that only aids in the destruction of everyone and everything around them. Here in America especially, the dense mass of people that encompass this group is much larger than the small group of individuals that are even capable of combatting it, and larger still than the group that will actively take steps towards enlightening them. This blissfully ignorant mentality has permeated our society so deeply, that many people aren’t even aware of how their everyday actions and behaviors contribute to the dumbing-down of this nation.

You see it everyday, on TMZ, VH1, BET, and most of the “popular” channels on television. You see it on your computer when Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and of course, Britney Spears dominate the headlines, and when Tyler Perry movies are actually accepted and played in theaters, let alone “number 1” at the box office with lines down the block. (Are you serious!) We saw it in November of 2000, and again in November, 2004.

I refer to this massive moronic multitude of “meathead” humans as “The Rabid Whole,” and we all need to observe, and maintain awareness of how they operate, so as not to fall victim to their power in numbers. This blog is meant for those that are aware of TRW, and perhaps need assistance navigating this Matrix-like facade of a world that has been built around our global society to keep us all in the constant rat race.

I make no claims to be an expert at anything, and although I do have a certain “rare” perspective and knowledge of the financial markets, due to my past experience as a stock broker, and post articles on this blog reflecting my opinion of, and explanation of that information, any action taken in the financial markets based on any information on this blog is the sole responsibility of the reader. I am no longer a registered representative, and even if I still was, statements made on therabidwhole.wordpress.com in favor of, or against, any publicly traded company should be taken purely as one man’s opinion, and should not be taken as a recommendation to buy, sell, or take any action whatsoever in the financial markets. Should you choose to act on the information provided on this blog, any and all profits and/or losses incurred in the financial markets are the sole responsibility of the reader.


Aside from maintaining this blog, and trading my own account in the markets, I am constantly working on any independent endeavors that I believe can feasibly function as legal sources of income; and if I can help people in the process, even better, (as long as they are not TRW.) This consists mostly of freelance business consulting, website testing, drawing and graphic design, and of course freelance writing and blogging. I maintain an online trading account, from which many of my posts regarding the markets have been and will continue to be inspired. On that same note, the depth of my knowledge regarding the financial markets is focused solely on stocks and options. I do not know enough about, and therefore do not invest in, any other financial products including mutual funds, bonds, ETF’s, etc., but I do have a deep enough understanding of technical and fundamental analytic theory, and the overall markets to be able to provide, hopefully, a unique perspective to the independent investment community. 

Thank you for visiting the blog, I hope you enjoy it, and please don’t hesitate to make comments and share your perspective. Whether you agree or disagree, your point-of-view is unique and welcome.


Contact me at therabidwhole@gmail.com


One response to “About The Rabid Whole

  1. I am not certain how I landed on your blog. But I just read some of what you wrote and wanted to tell you how interesting it was. It was also well-written. I am actually a journalism professor in northeastern Ohio and am trying to understand what is happening in the media industry and how to better prep our students and am always looking for engaging and honest writing as examples to show in class. Your comments about NYC and yourself were quite intriguing. I will try to remember to stop back again. I read your posting about short selling and feel as though I understand it for the first time. Again, thanks!
    Alyssa Lenhoff
    journalism director, Youngstown State University

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