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Required Reading for All Investors

President Obama just finished speaking about the economy from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV. Very positive, uplifting, well-laid speech – something we can finally say about our President again. If you don’t know how the markets have been responding to our President, then you probably don’t know what’s been going on in the markets in general. This post would be a novel if i tried to go over just what’s happened this week, and Monday was a Holiday. So, thankfully here’s an article that kind of sums everything up nicely and in such a simple manner, my 10 year old little brother might be able to beat the average investment manager after seeing this. I like how the article was published kind of in tandem with The President’s speech today. Enjoy!

Oh, just in case you didn’t know, the 20-day simple moving average on the Nasdaq crossed over the 200 yesterday. Let’s see if that GDP number on Friday can help the Dow and S&P catch up. Happy Trading.

Great pic from The Huffington Post

Great pic from The Huffington Post


Captain “Shook” and Cruella “Nay-Pill”

Arionna Huffington, as usual, pins the proverbial tail intelligently on these donkeys when she calls them “cartoon characters,” and right now I’m just happy to feel like a kid again, watching “cartoons” all-day. LOL!

Check out her blog at The Huffington Post. Make a comment and lend to the conversation. I did.

See Captain Shook apologize to Rush Limbaugh

Click here to see "Captain 'Shook's'" "bitch-ass move."


An entire page dedicated to the ridiculousness personfied as Sarah Palin aka Cruella Nay-Pill

Click here for the entire page dedicated to the ridiculousness personified as Sarah Palin aka Cruella "Nay-Pill"